About us

MyVoIP is a cloud-based platform for hosted business phone service, fax services and contact center applications. Developed and branded by Axtel Consulting, the MyVoIP platform not only hosts in geo-redundant data centers for 99.9% uptime but also provides customers with the most up to date unified communication features. Our platform introduces voice, transcription, SMS texting, fax, video and even screen sharing capabilities out of the box.


Purchase telephones, PoE devices, hosted IP services directly online in our store and be up and running in the matter of days.


Our R&D teams are constantly improving and creating better ways for our customers to communicate. Roll out for new features are free with our monthly subscriptions and receive the latest Unified Communication tools to run your business.


With our geo-redundant data centers, we pride ourselves with 99.9% uptime and resiliency against catastrophic events.


With almost 4 million employees working from home in the US, every business needs a reliable solution to allow workers direct communication with the office and other employees. MyVoIP gives businesses this freedom.

What Our Customers Think

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