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19 Oct 2019

Take A Quick Glance to Improve VoIP Call Quality

Voice quality factor is the most important factor for VoIP services. Have you ever experienced problems which are too frequent? You may need to take these steps to minimize the issues. Take a look to go ahead to overcome the call quality issues. Think about DECT Phone Ethernet or Wifi connections are the best option […]

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18 Oct 2019

How VoIP is the Best Choice for Your Business Than Other Phones?

Businesses constantly find ways that are simpler and cost-effective. Chances increase when Business communications move to VoIP Telephonic System. Over the last decade, VoIP has been an increasingly important fixture for thousands of businesses worldwide. Let’s have a hard look at the reasons to consider VoIP for business. VoIP Reduces your Business Costings Many Business […]

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05 Oct 2019

The Major Differences Between VoIP and VoLTE

Voice over Long-Term Evolution, also known as VoLTE or 4G LTE, is the latest evolution in IP technology and made a revolution to the way people communicate with each other. VoLTE, which is designed into the 4G LTE standard, enables users to make voice calls while they are using data network LTE. It’s important to […]

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04 Oct 2019

Something Interesting You May Miss about VoIP Numbers

A Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phone number is very similar to any of the random phone numbers. It also has an area code and a phone number with a specific country code, same as plain old telephone service (POTS) numbers have. However, there are a few differences in how VoIP numbers behave: In […]

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03 Oct 2019

Do You Remember the Voicemail Days?

Maybe you can remember those days. You continuously were trying to reach someone. You tried to call once, twice, thrice, the connection was not able to establish. After some Blink sound there, you heard a recorded voice called: “The number you’re trying to reach, is not reachable. Please try again later. Or, you can send […]

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02 Oct 2019

Is Wholesale VoIP Beneficial?

What is Wholesale VoIP Wholesale VoIP is an integral part of the communications sectors. Wholesale VoIP is a service, which is provided by wholesale carriers to other VoIP service providers. Wholesale vendors allow talking to your family, friends while the provider is responsible for the back-end work. Nowadays, a lot of businesses find VoIP services beneficial for the lowest pricing […]

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What are the main VoIP restrictions in Dubai and UAE States? Lets take a look
28 Sep 2019

Is VoIP still restricted in Dubai and other places in UAE?

Actually, VoIP services in Dubai and the UAE States are not banned. They are Blocked. There are two Major Telecoms in the UAE: Etisalat, and Du. Both are majority government-owned. Local calls are either free there in the case of a landline to another landline or comparatively cheap from mobile to mobile. They derive the […]

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27 Sep 2019

Meet Dr. Marian Croak, the Women behind VoIP Technology

Most people don’t know who Dr. Marian Croak is. Dr. Marian Croak, an African American woman, who invented the technology called ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol‘ or ‘VoIP’. The technology that permits us to make a voice call and multimedia sessions over the Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Education, Early Life Dr. Croak grew up in New […]

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24 Sep 2019

Importance of Video Conference in Today’s Business

Video conference is a technology that communicates people who are in different locations. It allows people to connect them and arrange a realtime meeting. It is somehow different from simple video calling. Video conferencing sessions require devices like your smartphone or laptop with a basic hardware and Internet connectivity with High speed. You can participate […]

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23 Sep 2019

FAQs- Grandstream GRP2600 Series

The most awaited Grandstream GRP2000 Series IP phones have gained a lot of interest already. It’s feature, design and technical specs are beyond imagination. People frequently search for different queries about this series. We’re going to cover most of them. Q: Is it only available for the ITSP markets? A: The Grandstream GRP2600 series IP Phones are […]

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20 Sep 2019

VoIP Trends to follow in 2019

VoIP Phone Systems are providing Business Supports since the ’90s. It is getting powerful day by day. The reputed VoIP companies are always trying to improve the technology along with its security. Let’s have a look: VoIP Service Providers are always trying to secure Business Data for their customers. They are always trying to get […]

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19 Sep 2019

Misconceptions vs Facts – Reality about VoIP

Countries like U.S. are moving to VoIP Technology from LandLine for their business support and solutions. Though some businesses are still there who avoid this technology. Why do they hesitate? It’s hard to believe that technology has been around since the 90s. Yet VoIP remains a mystery. Let’s take a look at a few misconceptions. […]

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11 Jul 2019

What are VoIP phones?

VoIP phones are hardware or software-based telephonic services designed to use Voice Over Internet Protocol technology to send or receive phone calls over an IP network, like the Internet: instead of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). How it helps your Business communication? VoIP is the most affordable phone service for modern business today. It […]

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03 Apr 2019

Does Your Business Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

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03 Apr 2019

What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s a Contact Center?

Maybe you haven’t heard the term “Contact Center” but I bet all of you have heard of a call center. Well a contact center essentially is a call center on steroids. We can rightfully say that it is replacing call centers because the customer’s preferred method of reaching a business is no longer just by […]

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03 Apr 2019

Your Customers Hate Calling You

A little harsh yes, but is it true? Yes. Customers hate calling businesses for a number of practical reasons including having to maneuver through complicated auto attendants, waiting on forever hold and having to speak with people who just aren’t solving their issues. And half the time they can’t even get anyone on the phone, […]

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